How to Fix Error 0xc000007b "Application was unable to start correctly"?

Originally published at: Fix: Error 0xc000007b "Application was unable to start correctly"

The 0xc000007b error primarily occurs due to corrupted or missing Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files, which applications require to function properly. DLL files may become corrupted as a result of malware infections or interference from third-party antivirus software. Applications load DLL files into RAM to facilitate various functionalities, such as graphics and audio. Additionally, this error…

Can you share the all in one dll file you used

Contact me on my Discord, let’s try to fix your issue. Here is my ID:- Zubyan Gul#9955

Try a Clean Installation of your Nvidia Driver:-

  1. First of all, download the DDU from this link here:- Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) download version
  2. Once download, you can use programs such as WinRAR or 7zip to extract the file.
  3. Once it’s extracted you can double-click on the DDU.exe file. This should open the Display Driver Uninstaller.
  4. Now follow the on-screen instructions, select your graphics card, and click “Clean and restart”.
  5. Wait for the process to finish.

Now try Installing the driver again.

hey, I tried all methods and it didn’t work. My issue is a little different, when I open my laptop a notification came up “The application was unable to start correctly” and it said Nvbackend.exe. I can open all the application that located in home screen. The notification came up only when I open my laptop and only the first time I click on the screen. I don’t know which app has an error.

i tried, reinstall my windows 11 and it shows some dll missing problem. so i download all in one dll zip file. then paste it to system 32 and sysWOW and then restart and boom my gta 5 work smoothly thanks alot brother

In that case, you will have to reinstall your Windows again and move to Windows 10 because it is possible that you didn’t properly Installed Windows which is causing this issue.

Method 8 worked! Thank you so much

Unfortunately, if none of these work you will have to either try downloading application from official sources or try clean installing your windows.

Nah really? Computer repair stores are a thing?

Or you can save some money, maybe learn something, and fix the issue yourself in a few minutes.

Method 6 worked!!!

Can you try to re-install the “PlayStationNow” App so that we can check if the issue resolves or not because if it does we can reinstall Witcher 3 and it should solve the issue you are having but in most of these cases you do have to re-install the Windows if all the DLL files are fine. Were these two apps working before?

i install fresh win 10 the problem fix

Hey man. Me and my friend tried everything we could. When I opened this website, we’e already tried most of the things already at that time. My day is genuinely ruined because I can’t run the game of my childhood and I’m a sensitive dude. The game is called Driver: San Francisco. My laptops details: Intel CORE i5 8th Gen. Graphics Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE. Please respond, I beg you.

Try the solution 13 which installs all the important software required.

Install the Visual Redist version that has been used to compile the function. You might not have the VC Redist installed which was used to compile this function and due to that this error is being triggered.

You have to run it in compatibility mode and if that doesn’t work you should try to apply a patch. If there isn’t a valid patch then you will have to play on a 32 bit operating system.

Are you an administrator on the system?

man… its about my game problem… help my game is crushing …

done -