(Solved) Wi-Fi Option Missing in Windows Settings App

Originally published at: (Solved) Wi-Fi Option Missing in Windows Settings App

The WIFI option in the settings on Windows 10 can disappear if your Windows fails to start the WLAN AutoConfig service, which is responsible for setting up the Wireless Adapter driver. This service automatically sets all the essential configurations required to get your Wireless Adapter up and running. However, if this service is not running…

Where and how can I possibly download the wifi driver in solution 4 if I can’t connect to the internet?

uninstalled my wifi-driver, to reinstall it, once i reinstalled, i couldn’t get it to reappear under network adaptors, how can i fix this

In my case, the adapter hasn’t moved from when it was connecting and occasionally shows up as “disabled” under my adapters. However, mainly it just is non existent in the list – thus I’m unable to reinstall drivers or anything. The Wi-Fi works on every other device in my house, but just seems to not exist anymore on my main PC.

go to system configuration (search it on start menu) then services tab on the top , click enable all then apply , OK and restart . I did everything (including reinstalling drivers etc but the problem is definitely windows services ) but only this worked . do it and I hope it works …

Solution#2 worked!! Thanks

was it unattached from the computer? If so you will have to reattach it or if it isn’t showing and it wasn’t unattached, try to install the drivers for it by putting the exact model in Google and check if that helps.

Solution 3 solved this problem after a great deal of frustration sifting through microsoft forums.


thanks, you just fixed my problem after hours of searching and windows troubleshooter doing nothing :slight_smile:

I don’t think buying a cheap activation key has to do anything with this issue. Because users without a key are also facing this issue.

In solution 2, wlan autoconfig right click and see whether its on start or stop. press start.

Are you on a laptop? If yes please let me know the exact model number of your laptop. If you are using a computer try these steps below:-

  1. Search for Command Prompt and click “Run as administrator”.
  2. Once the Command Prompt window opens type the following command:-

netcfg -d

  1. Wait for the command to run then restart your computer.

Check to see if the issue is resolved

Hi I tried all setting that you mentioned above but no results found.stiil my wifi disappear

I think the driver isn’t compatible with your laptop because sometimes laptop manufacturers release custom drivers for their laptops. Let me know the exact model number of your laptop so that I can find perfect driver for your laptop.

My wifi button keeps disappearing out of the blue so I tried the last solution but there is no power management tab. This is on a laptop. Next I tried to update my driver, but it showed an error “Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them”.
I’ve had this problem on my previous computer but I didn’t transfer over any files from the old one and am not even using the same Microsoft account. I think the chances of having the same problem are slim and it’s very odd. Could there be an issue with a wifi network and it is “infecting” my computers? Or perhaps some way I’m using the computer that may cause this problem to keep happening?

it fixed itself after i reinstalled windows

how can i download this from the internet if the internet on my pc doesnt actually work?

this helped me!!! i am so grateful, was already planning on buying a new laptop next week. thank you so much for your help!

Are you using a laptop or computer? Let me know the model number of your Network adaptor or Laptop.

Yup most probably because it is the school’s device. Take it to the school’s IT manager and get them to do this for you since they have probably disabled this operation.