Troubleshoot Windows Update Error 0x80070057 (Easy Fix)

Originally published at: Troubleshoot Windows Update Error 0x80070057 (Easy Fix)

Error 0x80070057 indicates that the Windows updates have failed. There are numerous reasons for this error to appear, which could include corrupt Windows update components, previous updates that failed and caused corruption with the system files needed to package and unpackage update packages, as well as apply them. The 0x80070057 number represents the hexadecimal error…

Hi Kevin

Ive tried methods 2 and 3 after SFC gave me errors I ran the SFCfix which then gave me this error

I have then tried method 5 and got this error

Ok ive tried methods 2 and 3 here is the error i had after running SFCfix?

Hi Kevin, THANKS VERY MUCH for your instructions. After days and hours trying other means, my computer now seems to download updates. I ran through all 4 methods (skipped SURT because it has been ineffective many times before). The wufix.reg worked and I did not need download windows update reset. I tried other webpages before finding yours. I wish there was someway to get your page to the front.

This will need detailed and further diagnosis, i would suggest you open a thread on as the experts there are skilled with fixing windows update related errors.

Hi, thanks for the info, but after going through all steps nothing works. I start out with a 80070002 error and after I do all your steps above I end up with a 8024A000 error

This can be fixed but its better to reinstall Windows if these steps did not work because troubleshooting this error will take days.

Hey there,

I have completed steps 1,2,4 but can not get step 3 to work and the update issue is still not resolved. All steps 1,2,4 turn up no issues. Step three download was completed and commenced install. Shows following and wont change. Will let this run all night but am hoping you have a possible fix for this. Thanks.

I finally fixed the problem by upgrading to windows 10 :confused: thanks for the help anyway!

I would suggest you post the issue on sysnative.

Kevin, after struggling on and off for months trying to get Windows Update to work, but putting off a re-install of Windows 7 as the last resort, I finally seem to have had some success following your above steps. I got to Step 3, SURT ran but returned a message “This update is not for your computer”. I tried Windows Update after that, it showed that there were, indeed, updates available (I had seen this before but installation always stayed at 0KB, 0%). After a short time it started to install, magic before my eyes. It completed and the remaining updates also completed after a restart. Fingers crossed from now on. I have bookmarked your site and will recommend it to others.

Please try upgrading using the media creation tool.

I am haing problem in upgrading my windows7 pc to windows 10. Its showing some error. When I ran the windows update diagnostic tool, it showed the 0x80070057 error. I did all the steps which you said but I’m getting the error shown in the screenshot. Please help.

Thank you Kevin, worked a treat!


I would like to say BRAVO!!!

I was at my ends wits and just about to throw in the towel and reinstall Windows 7.

I was at Step 6 in your guide, tried the windows update registry fix, rebooted and still couldn’t update.

I downloaded your script in the next step and ran with admin privs with success. It took a long time for Update check to finish but I just let it run as I was at the end of my night and to my surprise, it found updates and then let me download and install them.

All’s well, that ends well.

Thank my man!! You really know your stuff.

Be well,

David Pattison

Very helpful guide. Thanks

Hi Craig, double click on those two keys and enter 0 as value data.

Hi Kevin, I ran the wufix.reg file but when I looked into the newly created keys (UX and Settings) under the Data column it says “value not set”. I believe commenter Ron E. below had the same experience. Sorry I’m ignorant about how to manually setup the keys. Could you give me direction on how to manually put the values inside the UX and Settings folders?


Unfortunately, this doesn’t gives a clue since what you’ve posted here is very unique. Can you post this as a seperate question on and i’ll be able to assist you remotely.